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Indoors and Outdoors. Dichotomies in Norwegian Design

Foredrag på engelsk / Talk in English: 27 April 2017 6 p. m.
Solveig Lønmo

Human experience of the surroundings is to a large degree defined by the dichotomy indoors versus outdoors – culture and nature, two seemingly opposites. Whether if life indoors is experienced claustrophobic or safe; the outside representing freedom or punishment, largely depends on how designers solve problems related to this dichotomy. Is a cozy indoors loving people (like many Norwegians actually indentify themselves as most of the year) open to sense a connection to the nature outside from our place in the candle-lit couch nook? Six Norwegian design projects shed different light on valuing the nature we as of now have access to, but might lose if we are careless. Curator Solveig Lønmo talks about Norwegian cozyness and sustainable ideology - in English for our international audience. A part of the event program in the period of the exhibition "The logic of the local".

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