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Craft 2017

The annual exhibition of Norwegian craft is this year housed by Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum! 14 October - 3 December 2017.

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The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts has produced the annual show since its inception in 1975, and it has been on view in different exhibition venues. Artists apply, and a jury decides on which works that get to represent 2017. Hence, the content of this exhibition is unknown untill right before the opening – but we are certain that it will exite and engage.

Jury 2017

  • Edith Lundebrekke, jury leader, textile/wood
  • Anne Thomassen, ceramics
  • Reinhold Ziegler, metal/jewellery
  • Steffen Wesselvold Holden, museum representant
  • 1/1
    Steffen Wesselvold Holden, Reinhold Ziegler, Edith Lundebrekke and Anne Thomassen

Some works are already decided on:

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