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Ahmed Umar

(Sudan, 1988)

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Ahmed Umar is a cross-disciplinary artist who came to Norway in 2008 as a political refugee. His practice is strongly influenced by the themes of his upbringing and his experiences of living in a society structured by religion. His works recreate a narrative of his own life story utilising various techniques such as sculpture, printmaking, painting and performance. In his attempt to resolve the contradictions of living in a distant and secular place, Umar mobilises these methods to explore the complex relationship between identity, authority, sexuality, depression and art. His work is charged with social critique, a sense of directness, Arabic calligraphy and a hint of his Nubian visual heritage. They reflect his memories and signal a long process of self-understanding and acceptance.

Umar has shown his works in galleries such as Oslo Kunsthall, Last Frontiere NYC ni New York and Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, in Bergenz, Austria. Ahmed Umar is the triennial's artist-in-residency in Ørland (Ryggen's home place) prior to the exhibitions. He will work in dialogue with the place, the locals and the Ryggen's artistic heir. 

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    Ahmed Umar. Photo: Ahmed Umar
Museum24:Portal - 2024.05.16
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