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The logic of the local. Norwegian and Polish Contemporary Design

Our local surroundings inspire and define creative innovation. Available materials, weather conditions, patterns and craft traditions make up a foundation for creating exciting new design, which reinterpret and renew aspects of our local idiosyncrasies. The interest in all things local is a global phenomenon – there is a zeitgeist around the slow and sustainable. We have come to rely heavily on the local as a phenomenon.

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    19 counties (2016) by Stian Korntved Ruud Stian Korntved Ruud

The exhibition The Logic of the Local investigates how local elements make their mark on Polish and Norwegian design. In both countries, the contemporary scene is influenced by a pride in the process and respect for the materials. The handmade meets the mass-produced – but the two might intersect through a common foundation in local folk art.

What is the type of logic that applies to designers focussing on the local as a philosophy? This topic is so close to us, it needs to be explained and analysed in order for us to see it clearly – and at the same time, we get the chance to display good, recent design from Poland and Norway.

The exhibition will be on display at the International Cultural Centre, Krakow 16/12/16 – 26/03/17, and at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim 06/04/17 – 04/06/17.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute kindly supports the mediation and event programme, and Trondheim kommune supports the opening ceremony.

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The exhibition displays 70 design projects from Poland and Norway

...and here are some of them

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    Witamina D
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    Kristine Bjaadal, Sfera, 2016. Ash and larvikite Lasse Fløde
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    Kuba Bereza
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    Johan Holmquist
  • 5/12
    Trine Stephensen
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    Agnieszka Czop
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    Ring made of coal in the series Hochglance by bro.Kat bro.Kat
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    Stone by Fivetimesone Miroslaw Poplawski
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    Florama by Florabo Filip Dabrowski
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    Kristine Five Melvær, Naturpledd for Røros Tweed Erik Five Gunnerud
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    Story by Vibeke Skar and Ida Noemi Kaja Bruskeland
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