The Japanese Collection

  • Netsuke (gruppe)
    Netsukes in the collection. Photo: NKIM Steffen. W Holden / Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum

The museum's first director from 1895 had an international outlook, and initiated a Japanese collection at the time when Japanese influence in Western art was at its most prevalent. Thiis would bring back, from Parisian galleries in particular, important and characteristic items from a period spanning several millennia. The collection has since been extended by considerable donations from the Apold collection in 1984, as well as more recent purchases. Visitors to the Japanese collection will see pots dating from the Jomon period (12 000–300 B.C.), and ceramics sprung out from the 20th century mingei movement, of which Shoji Hamada and Kitaoji Rosanjin are notable artists. The latest addition to this collection is a 19th century Samurai armour. The collection is the largest of its kind in Norway, and only a part of it is on permanent display.