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Opens 4 April 2025

MATER is the theme for the Hannah Ryggen Triennale 2025 (HRT25). Mater means mother in Latin, and as such, alludes to something creative and life-giving. In addition to a biological origin or a female caregiver, mater can indicate a source or background in an institutional sense – a school, tradition or culture that provides the basis for further development. Inasmuch as mater is the root of words such as matter, material and materiality, it shows how the material world – our physical surroundings – have been perceived as absolutely fundamental. This in turn is reflected in a concept such as ‘mother nature’. The connection between motherliness and materiality is also reflected in how ‘matter’ as a noun refers to a substance, while the verb ‘to matter’ refers to being significant for something or someone. MATER is about creation, origin, the perpetuation of traditions, and about care for the things around us.

HRT25 will highlight Ryggen’s thematic treatment of the roles of mothers and women, show how the strong materiality in her works was rooted in the nature around her, and shed light on how she ‘wove herself’ into traditions in art and craft. The triennial will also present works by contemporary artists who relate to the mater theme in a similar way, for instance by approaching materiality from an ecological perspective, or by actively seeking out their foremothers in the textile tradition to establish and understand their individual and cultural identity.

HRT is organised by Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum (NKIM, the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim), which owns the largest collection of Hannah Ryggen’s tapestries. The triennial’s editions are developed in collaboration with other institutions and organisers from the local art scene who link themselves to the programme with thematically related exhibitions and events. We are delighted over the prospect of working with the Trondheim art scene as we organise the 2025 edition of the Hannah Ryggen Triennale.

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