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Alighiero Boetti

(Italy, 1940-1994)

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    Alighiero Boetti, "Mappa" 1990. Cotton embroidery on canvas. 118,1 x 220,3 cm. © Alighiero Boetti by SIAE/KOPINOR 2019. Photo David Regen, New York

Alighiero Fabrizio Boetti, known as Alighiero e Boetti, was an Italian conceptual artist. His most reknowned series is Mappa, consisting of a number of embroidered world maps, created between 1971 and 1994. The maps are embroidered by artisans in Afghanistan and Pakistand, and demonstrates how borders changed, was created and disappeared in this period.

Boetti was part of shows such as curator Harald Szeemann's "Live in your Head. When Attitudes Become Form" in 1969, and had several solo exhibitions in Italy and the US in the 70's, 80's and 90's. He has been honored post-humously with several large-scale exhibitions, recently in Tate Modern in London and MoMA in New York. The Hannah Ryggen Triennial thankfully loans a Mappa from 1990 from the Fondazione Alighiero Boetti in Rome.

Many thanks to the Fondazione Alighiero e Boetti for the loan!

Many thanks to The Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo for supporting the transport!


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