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Señorita Extraviada/Missing Young Woman by Lourdes Portillo (2001)

MAY 16TH, 6 PM
Price: included in the entrance ticket (NOK 110/90/60/0)

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Lise Bjørne Linnert's protest installation Desconocida/Unknown/Ukjent (2006-), which is part of the Hannah Ryggen Triennial, is an activist response to the tremendous problem of murdered women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The Mexican-American filmmaker Lourdes Portillo (1944) made the award-winning documentary Señorita Extraviada/Missing Young Woman in 2001, about the situation in Juarez. The film has been included in the collection of MoMA in New York. Linnert has the permission to show Lourde's film in conjuction to her participation in the Hannah Ryggen Triennial, and the museum is therefore able to show this strong work to our audience